I’ve learned a lot over the past two(ish) years and I’m still continuing to learn everyday about what my body agrees / disagrees with, the rubbish that is published regarding health, ways to increase good health and happiness and a lot more about myself.

As I am new to the blogging world you will all have to bear with me, my rants and the possibility of this not being updated often. My plan is to share my journey with you, past, present and future, which hopefully could help others along the way and help me to achieve my all-important final goal.

As I mentioned on the ‘about me’ page, this is blog is incredibly honest and will have stuff in about me that not even my family / closest friends know but I wave goodbye to my past and welcome the challenges of my future.

I’ll start from the beginning so you can understand how I’ve got to where I am now. I’ll see you at the end! :)x